Packages by Name

package description
bash-db Very simple key-value store for bash
bash-templater Simplify Configuration File and Script Generation
echo-eval Debug systems faster when logs look like terminal output.
bashunit A simple testing library for bash scripts.
protobuf-parser-bash A Protobuf parser, encoder and decoder in Bash.
bash-util-lib Bash Utility Library
Bats A TAP-compliant testing framework for Bash.
magic-version calculate version from CI env
chap Utility methods for writing scripts for humans
passmenu pass + dmenu Coverage framework for Shell projects
warp File manipulation across terminals sessions made easy
npm-publish A npm module publisher
uget Checks the current utility to download and use it
rmate Remote TextMate 2 implemented as shell script
bash-backup Simple backup shell script by bash v4.*
wipe modules A little agent that removes the node_modules folder of non-active projects
tldr bash client Display tldr pages: community driven man-by-example
osxbootstrap Bootstrap a new OSX workstation
hr A horizontal ruler for your terminal
shpec Test your shell scripts
clock Track your working hours on the command line Fancy alternative for old good test command
node-reinstall Complete Node Reinstall. This deletes everything, yes everything, and re-installs Node and NPM with NVM, then re-installs global NPM modules.
gdub A gradlew / gradle wrapper to make life easier.
bashsh Improves your Bash scripts
markdown Markdown interpreter using only traditional Unix tools
wifi Bash script that connects to wifi
umq TCP message pushing and receiving in Bash
rtail Easily tail a file over SSH
recho Easily echo strings over SSH
osx-screencast Easily create a screencast on OS X in a few commands
nman Read the node.js core api in man page format A pipeable JSON parser written in Bash
dots Bootstrapping library for OS/X & Ubuntu (and maybe others!)
dbu Bash script that manages Dropbox files
clip Silly terminal clipboard
github Github API from the command line
term Terminal fun written in bash inspired by clibs/term