A gradlew / gradle wrapper to make life easier.

gdub (gw on the command line) is a gradle / gradlew wrapper. Not to be confused with the Gradle Wrapper, gw uses the Gradle Wrapper on projects where one is configured, and falls back to use the gradle from the $PATH if a wrapper is not available. Also, gw is 66% shorter to type than gradle and 78% shorter to type than ./gradlew. That’s science.

Anywhere you happen to be on your project, you can run the Gradle tasks of your project by typing gw <tasks>, regardless of whether you use the Gradle Wrapper in your project or not.

gw works by looking upwards from your current directory and will run the nearest build.Gradle file with the nearest gradlew. If a gradlew cannot be found, it will run the nearest build.Gradle with your system’s Gradle. This is probably always what you want to do if you are running Gradle from within a project tree that uses the Gradle build system.

Published: October 20 2014

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