Complete Node Reinstall. This deletes everything, yes everything, and re-installs Node and NPM with NVM, then re-installs global NPM modules.

This package re-installs Node.js and NPM using NVM or Nave.


node-reinstall can typically be run as-is, though you can specify several arguments to customize to your liking.

$ node-reinstall
completely re-installs Node & NPM and any global node modules.
It re-installs Node using NVM or Nave
$ node-reinstall -h
Usage:  node-reinstall [--nave|--nvm] [-h|--help] [-v|--version] [NODE_VERSION]


node-reinstall                re-install node and npm using nvm
node-reinstall -h [--help]    show help
node-reinstall -v [--version] show the node-reinstall version number
node-reinstall --nave         re-install using nave
node-reinstall --nvm          re-install using nvm (the default)
node-reinstall 0.12           specify a default node version (currently 0.10)

Published: March 04 2015

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