Bash script that manages Dropbox files


dbu (Dropbox Uploader) is a BASH script which can be used to upload, download, list or delete files from Dropbox, an online file sharing, synchronization and backup service.

It’s written in BASH scripting language and only needs cURL.

Why use this script?

  • Portable: It’s written in BASH scripting and only needs cURL (curl is a tool to transfer data from or to a server, available for all operating systems and installed by default in many linux distributions).
  • Secure: It’s not required to provide your username/password to this script, because it uses the official Dropbox API for the authentication process.

Please refer to the Wiki for tips and additional information about this project. The Wiki is also the place where you can share your scripts and examples related to Dropbox Uploader.

$ bpkg install -g dbu


The dbu package comes with two executables - dropbox_uploader.sh and dropShell.sh.

Dropbox Uploader

This script receives commands, pretty much like git. The syntax is quite simple:

dropbox_uploader.sh COMMAND [PARAMETERS]...

[%%]: Optional param
<%%>: Required param

Available commands

  • upload <LOCAL_FILE/DIR …> <REMOTE_FILE/DIR> Upload a local file or directory to a remote Dropbox folder. If the file is bigger than 150Mb the file is uploaded using small chunks (default 4Mb); in this case a . (dot) is printed for every chunk successfully uploaded and a * (star) if an error occurs (the upload is retried for a maximum of three times). Only if the file is smaller than 150Mb, the standard upload API is used, and if the -p option is used the default curl progress bar is displayed during the upload process. The local file/dir parameter supports wildcards expansion.
  • download <REMOTE_FILE/DIR> [LOCAL_FILE/DIR] Download file or directory from Dropbox to a local folder
  • delete <REMOTE_FILE/DIR> Remove a remote file or directory from Dropbox
  • move <REMOTE_FILE/DIR> <REMOTE_FILE/DIR> Move or rename a remote file or directory
  • copy <REMOTE_FILE/DIR> <REMOTE_FILE/DIR> Copy a remote file or directory
  • mkdir Create a remote directory on DropBox
  • list [REMOTE_DIR] List the contents of the remote Dropbox folder
  • share Get a public share link for the specified file or directory
  • info Print some info about your Dropbox account
  • unlink Unlink the script from your Dropbox account

Optional parameters

  • **-f ** Load the configuration file from a specific file
  • -s Skip already existing files when download/upload. Default: Overwrite
  • -d Enable DEBUG mode
  • -q Quiet mode. Don’t show progress meter or messages
  • -p Show cURL progress meter
  • -k Doesn’t check for SSL certificates (insecure)


dropbox_uploader.sh upload /etc/passwd /myfiles/passwd.old
dropbox_uploader.sh upload *.zip /
dropbox_uploader.sh download /backup.zip
dropbox_uploader.sh delete /backup.zip
dropbox_uploader.sh mkdir /myDir/
dropbox_uploader.sh upload "My File.txt" "My File 2.txt"
dropbox_uploader.sh share "My File.txt"
dropbox_uploader.sh list


DropShell is an interactive DropBox shell, based on DropBox Uploader:

# Launching the DropShell...
$ dropShell.sh
DropShell v0.2
The Intractive Dropbox SHELL
Andrea Fabrizi - andrea.fabrizi@gmail.com

Type help for the list of the available commands.

andrea@Dropbox:/$ ls
[D] 0       Apps
[D] 0       Camera Uploads
[D] 0       Public
[D] 0       scripts
[D] 0       Security
[F] 105843  notes.txt
andrea@DropBox:/ServerBackup$ get notes.txt

Published: June 16 2014

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