Submit your Package

If you already have created a package that follows bpkg’s package guidelines, then it would be great to list it on our site!

On a few words, you have to submit a pull request with your package information to our website’s repository.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Fork the website repository

Click: Fork bpkg on github

If you don’t have a github account yet, you will need to create one.

2. Clone the website repository

The following commands will download our website under a directory called and then navigate to it.

$ git clone
$ cd

Then, make sure to create a branch for your package. The following command does just that:

$ git checkout -b your-package-name

3. Add your project to it

The command below will create a file on which you must enter your project’s metadata. When you execute it, it will say which file you must edit.

Replace PACKAGE_NAME by your package name.

$ rake post title="PACKAGE_NAME"
Creating new post: ./_posts/

Open the file that the previous command told you to.

There, it’ll have this format:

layout: post
description: ""
tags: []

You must provide at least the following:

  • title: Name of your package, in a UNIX-like form. For example this-name is acceptable and This Name not.
  • description: One-line summary of what your package does.
  • category: Pick one of all categories that best suit your package.
  • tags: Several tags that give a clue on what your package is about. It must have [this, format]. Here’s a list of all tags. You can create your own, although we encourage you to pick already-existing ones.
  • source code link: Append a line and put a link to the package’s source code repository.
  • author: Append another line and place your name along with at least one contact info (homepage, email, twitter).

Note: Don’t change the other lines as it might break something.

Optionally you can tell us more about the package. Make sure to write text in Markdown format and place it under the last line.

A sample package information file would be like this:

layout: post
title: "fortune-fun"
description: "like 'fortune' but way cooler"
category: game
tags: [fun, random, cute]

This package has a random outcome: it either erases your home directory or echoes a "fortune" (message-of-the-day).

## Usage

...or for the bravest
`sudo fortune-fun`

## Links

* [Source Code (GitHub)][]
* [Author: Satan](

4. Submit it to us

Finally, make a pull request with your changes to our repository.

The GitHub web interface has nice green buttons for that.

Important Note

If your submit request doesn’t follow these guidelines, we will kindly ask you to make sure it does.